• 25.10.18 // The Sandy Collection

    Proudly bringing you our new collection - ‘Sandy’ 

    Inspired by the nostalgia of childhood summers; lazy days spent at beach shacks, the cast of long shadows, the variety and beauty of nature’s silhouettes. 

    This collection includes a series of new products to complement our signature designs; summer rugs, rattan hoops, pendant lights, and coat hangers, as well as the re-release of our favourite Clothes Racks and Wonder Tents.

    Natural materials underfoot and overhead for an endless summer vibe. 

    Designed by us for you and your families. 

    We hope you love it  xx
    Hula - Such Great Heights
    Such Great Heights - Rugs
    Such Great Heights - Clothes Rack
    Such Great Heights - Rugs
    Such Great Heights
    Such Great Heights
    Such Great Heights
    Such Great Heights
    Such Great Heights RunnerSuch Great Heights - Hoops

  • 17.06.17 // Reflecting on 5 years of Such Great Heights

    Here we are, finally getting a chance to fill you in on what has been happening in the world of Such Great Heights!  

    If you have been following our journey for a while, you will know that in 2015 we travelled by ship to the USA with our two young girls to spend 6 glorious months working and living in New York. This was the most incredible experience; our children developed an appreciation of how big the world is, and we explored the realms of what is possible for our brand. 

    The bright lights of the big city had an impact on us in many ways. Most importantly, it shone a light on exactly what is important to us, both personally and professionally.
    We even made a list...

    * Creating products that inspire children to engage in rich, imaginary play
    * Making only high quality pieces from natural materials that people truly value and will last a lifetime
    * Working ethically with artisans in Australia and the USA, who are masters of their craft
    * Collaborating with artists and makers whose work brings an exciting element to our brand
    * Surrounding ourselves with clever, dynamic, interesting people who can teach us many things 
    * Weaving the threads of our adventurous spirit into our work  
    * Creating our own life story and making brave choices. You only live once! 

      Since then, we have begun a new and wonderful partnership with a brilliant community workshop, from a small South Australian coastal town, to produce our stunning Nostalgia Collection of Timber Toys. Psst, keep your eyes peeled for an amazing new addition to the Nostalgia Collection, coming soon! 

      And... in late 2016, Ryan accepted an opportunity and we have embarked on another adventure. This time, we have moved the family to a very special corner of the globe, Byron Bay, on Australia's east coast!  

      And there we have it, on the eve of our 5th anniversary of Such Great Heights. 

      Here's cheers to the next 5 years, may they be just as fruitful and adventurous! 

      Ryan and Jo xx

    • 09.10.16 // Sanne Hop

      In an historic 17th century building on the banks of Amsterdam's Amstel lives the Hop family - Sanne, Wim, Ole (8), Hannes (5), Pippa (3) and Kaatje (1).

      Sanne is a woman of many talents, who has seamlessly transitioned from a career as an historian and copywriter, to photographer, stylist and full time mum to her tribe of 4 blonde beauties.

      We are honoured to share some recent pics of our 'George Truck and Gretel Dolls High Chair' taken within this divine home. We are totally in love with the palette, textures, history and Sanne's natural eye and less is more approach.  

      Ryan and Jo xx
      Such Great Heights 

      Sanne Hop - https://www.instagram.com/sannehop

      Such Great Heights x Sanne Hop
      George Truck_1
      George Truck_2
      George Truck_3
      George Truck_4
      High Chair_1
      High Chair_2

      High Chair_4
      High Chair_5
      High Chair_6

    • 14.05.16 // Introducing the Nostalgia Collection

      Such Great Heights - the Nostalgia Collection

      "Nostalgia - it's a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone - a feeling of a place where we ache to go again". 

      Such Great Heights proudly introduces 'The Nostalgia Collection'. The 5 piece timber toy range has been designed in appreciation of the authentic shapes and superior craftsmanship of toys from simpler times. A nod to the familiar classics, with a light, modern reinterpretation for today's children. Contemporary colours and unexpected textures are cleverly woven through the story to bring continuity to this distinctive keepsake collection.

      Meet the characters of the Nostalgia Collection;

      The Florence dolls cot - inspired by the heroic nurses of modern day and of those from yesteryear.
      Such Great Heights the Nostalgia Collection

      The Gretel dolls high chair - Elegant, graceful and genteel, she makes feeding dolly a pleasure.
      Such Great Heights the Nostalgia Collection

      The George truck
      - Is solid, strong, and noble. Like a true workhorse, he will dependably wheel your treasures around for many generations.
      Such Great Heights the Nostalgia Collection

      Humpty - is a charming fellow with a tendency for getting himself in a scramble!
      Such Great Heights the Nostalgia Collection
      Such Great Heights the Nostalgia Collection

      Roger rattlesnake - this friendly chap likes to slither around and make interesting shapes with his body and has a clever trick... His tail really rattles!
      Such Great Heights the Nostalgia Collection

      These simple, timeless pieces have been designed to draw children to rich, enduring imaginative play. Adults too will appreciate the sophisticated and sentimental aesthetic of the range and display them with pride in their homes - no need to hide these away behind cupboard doors when the visitors arrive!

      Designed and photographed by Such Great Heights and made traditionally by hand in a community based workshop on South Australia's Fleurieu Peninsula. Built robustly for the rigors of childhood play. These timber toys will be treasured not only by today's children, but by the next generation.

      The Nostalgia Collection is available exclusively online at www.suchgreatheights.com.au

      Always, for the dreamers xx

      * Nostalgia quote by Don Draper of Mad Men 

    • 23.03.16 // Country Road + Such Great Heights

      Such Great Heights + Country Road

      There is no better time to go camping in Australia than at Easter. The air is just beginning to turn crisp and cool with glorious sunshine; perfect for exploring the outdoors by day and roasting marshmallows over a campfire at night.

      These thoughts are echoed over at Country Road. They've packed their little ones up to go on an adventure these holidays, and have taken our Natural Wonder Tents with them. 

      See more stunning images from the CR campaign below...
      Photography by the amazing Amelia Fullarton for Country Road  xx

      Such Great Heights + Country Road
      Such Great Heights + Country Road
      Such Great Heights + Country RoadSuch Great Heights + Country Road
      Such Great Heights + Country Road
      Such Great Heights + Country Road
      Such Great Heights + Country Road
      Such Great Heights + Country Road
      Such Great Heights + Country Road
      Such Great Heights + Country Road
      Such Great Heights + Country Road