Last August, Such Great Heights met a HUGE milestone... We took the plunge and began selling our range to retailers. This was a massive change - it saw us go from two people hand making a small range of products, working around the clock to keep up with the ever increasing demand, to partnering with some incredible local and international manufacturers who have helped us take the brand to the next level. These artisans bring their unique skills and expertise to our collection, bringing endless possibilities and allowing Such Great Heights to have a far greater reach.

    One of the best experiences to date was Ryan's trip to our partner 
    timber mill in a small Amish town, in the USA. It was the middle of winter, 3 foot of snow blanketed the ground and the majority of workers came to and from work via horse and cart. The Amish folk proudly showed Ryan their work and facilities. Such amazing craftsmanship, pride in their work and a real sense of community, we're honoured to have them as part of our team.

    While the working around the clock part hasn't changed that much, the scale certainly has. Today we want to celebrate our AMAZING stockists - 30 boutiques both small and large across Australia and the US who are digging what we do and throwing their support behind us. Thank you so much for embracing our brand, Such Great Heights. You are allowing us to follow a true passion & we are so very thankful.  

    Please take a look at our current stockists via the link below. Lots more amazing stores to be added in the near future too!


    Such Great Heights Blog - Celebrating Stockists

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