Have you ever thought to yourself, 'hang on... What am I doing? How did I get here?!!'

    A couple of years ago, I was thinking a LOT about those questions. Don't get me wrong, I had been dealt a really great hand. I had a family that I loved to bits, we had a pretty good lifestyle, and were accumulating all the 'stuff' that life tells us we ought to accumulate. You know the stuff I mean, a house, car, an occasional holiday, that stuff.

    But, my day job was choking me. It was an operational job that wasn't giving me any challenges. I had initially welcomed the permanent, secure job after studying a Film & Television degree and moving through a few casual creative roles/projects. But all these years later, here I was and my brain was falling asleep. 5 days a week. The birth of our second child really brought it all to a head. It was almost as though when she was born, I had one of those flash forward moments you see in the movies. 15 years later. Dead end job. Balding, with a red sports car and full of regrets. GULP.

    I needed to be creative. Everyday. I wanted to choose my own adventure. But did I really have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? To build a business from scratch? Most importantly, could I really create a life that reflects my values and satisfies my soul? It was time to find out.

    Jo was with me, helping & supporting my ambition. Together we worked, in between our jobs and raising the girls. At the heart of it all, we wanted to create for children. Beautiful things that would inspire hours and hours of rich imaginative play. Slowly but surely, this concept came together. The more I worked on it, the more I knew it felt right. My enthusiasm and obsessive nature took hold and pretty soon I was living & breathing Such Great Heights. Dreaming big, and taking small steps.

    Sooooo much work. It seemed like every day there was a new problem to solve. And the juggle of a start up business/full time day job/raising a young family was intense at times. But it seemed that every time we started to feel defeated, or too overwhelmed to go on, something cool would happen, and give us the courage to keep going. Like getting the attention of magazines that we'd only dreamt of being in. Or being contacted by amazing international stores and designers. Or even better, when our girls would see our products in a shop window and say with pride, 'that's Mum & Daddy's business!'

    Fast forward 2 years & I am very proud to say that Jo & I have now taken our seed idea from scratch to fast becoming a wonderfully rewarding & successful business. And, in September.... I QUIT MY DAY JOB. Alriiight! Man, it feels good. Scary and vulnerable initially, but overwhelmingly the right choice. Since working full time on SGH, I've barely had a second to take a breath. It's opened the door to more opportunities than I ever thought possible. We are beginning to see all that is possible in our lives. And it's bloody exciting.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining us on this journey. We do hope you stick with us for many years to come, as this is only the very beginning!
    Ryan x 

    Such Great Heights - Quitting my day job
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