Such Great Heights - Habitus Magazine
    Your name: Ryan O’Connor & Jo Fahy     
    What you do: We design and create products for Such Great Heights
    Your latest project: We are currently collaborating with Swedish artist Camilla Engman on a modern version of a baby’s first book. It will be a beautifully tactile and rich keepsake piece for babies and adults alike.
    Who are three people that inspire/excite you: 1)  Lauren Bieber and Tom Crowe from Mixed Business and Fowlers Flowers, Clifton Hill. Seriously talented and hardworking duo!
    2)  Beck
    3)  Our children. Amazing little folk. 
    What is your favourite…
    Car/bike/plane/boat model:
     Honda CT110 – aka Ryan’s trusty Postie Bike (bullet proof and $3 per week on petrol)
    Chair model: Rocking Chair #1 by Thonet. This is a sentimental favourite as we have spent many nights rocking our children to sleep on ours.
    Residential space: Home sweet home (1915 bluestone villa).
    Commercial space: GOMA, Brisbane
    Decorative product: Daisy chains
    Functional product: Bandaids
    Handmade good: ‘Wonder Tent’ by Such Great Heights, of course! 
    Mass-produced good: Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil (Jo)
    Meal: Jo does a mean lemon curd tart.
    Restaurant: Auge Ristorante
    Drink: Freshly squeezed juice with ginger. Great start to the day.
    Item in your studio: The press stud machine is pretty sexy…
    Piece of technology: Our ever expanding Apple collection.
    Historical figureJacqueline Kennedy Onassis
    Fictional character: Tintin
    Vice: Chocolate croissants
    Virtue: Patience & compassion
    What does the term ‘Design Hunter’ mean to you? Seek, love, share.