Skinny Dip Summer Rug

$249.00 $149.00
Natural fibres underfoot, for laid-back living.

Our rugs are made from sustainably grown materials sourced from Mother Earth.

The manufacture process is environmentally friendly & materials are harvested, dried, handwoven and washed in water. No dyes, chemicals, or machines. 
Key features: 
* Durable
* Long wearing
* Stain resistant 
* Low maintenance 
* Non-shedding
* Bio-degradable

Size options: 
* Medium - 1.5m x 2.15m (59 inches x 84.6 inches) 
* Large - 1.8m x 2.6m (70.8 inches x 102.3 inches) 

* Indoor use
* High Traffic areas 
* Commercial & residential 
* Market stalls & retail
* Not suitable for wet areas & high humidity e.g. bathrooms or permanent outdoor use
* If the rug is in direct sunlight, please rotate regularly to prevent fading

Pontederiaceae & Zea Mays (sustainable grasses, plant fibre & aquatic plants)

Shake out for easy clean
Vacuum friendly 

Sustainably made & hand woven in S.E Asia